About M.B.D Designs

Committed to the Craft

When we create a hardscape or landscape design for our clients, we go above and beyond the standard experience. We provide true quality and ensure that our clients, above all else, have an outdoor area that exceeds their expectations. 

  • Good communication. Good communication is at the heart of any landscaping design experience. It’s critical to work with a professional who knows how to ask the right questions and reach an understanding so that you can get the work product you need. Ultimately, it takes good communication to design the outdoor places of your forever home. 
  • Excellent customer service. Excellent customer service makes your experience better, more pleasant, and results in a better landscape or hardscape design. Excellent customer service makes designing your landscaping rewarding and ensures that you will be satisfied with your yard once all of the pieces come together.   
  • Unparalleled quality. We strive with every design to create something uniquely you, and uniquely yours. From the first draft of the first design to the final product, you’ll see the difference in every detail. That’s our pledge to you. 

We’re proud to be your landscape and hardscape designer in the Lowcountry. Call us today to experience the difference, and see what we mean.   

Whatever your needs, our designers are here to help you design your landscaping and hardscaping to meet your needs and expectations. We bring expert knowledge to the table and can offer advice that will help you with the difficult decisions that need to be made when it comes to landscaping your home. Your home should be a place of beauty that brings you joy.